Next-Gen Jaguar XJ With Electric Powertrain Spotted?

Spies spotted what they believe is the test mule for the next-gen all-electric Jaguar XJ model that Jaguar announced not too long ago. Here is what we have learned so far.

It was reported that the vehicle will come in riding on the new MLA platform. While it will be offered with gas and hybrid engine option, the one seen here out in the open is believed to be the electric version based on what they believe is a mesh where the grille is.

What was spotted was a fuel cap on the right side of the cap but some people also pointed out that it is in a different position as the fuel cap on the current XF suggesting that it might be a decoy for the actual electric plug outlet.

Hopefully, we will be learning more about this EV Jaguar XJ model as Jaguar continues to work on it.