Next Gen Hyundai FCEV To Take The Stage At CES

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Hyundai will be another automaker that will be showing off their new concept at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. The concept that they will be showing off this time is the next-gen FCEV model which will be fitted with some of Hyundai’s latest tech and autonomous systems.

Hyundai will also be announcing the same of the vehicle officially at the event and also talk about their new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The concept will also be given the new Intelligent Personal Cockpit interior which will include an AI-enhanced voice recognition feature and more.

More details will be revealed on the 8th of January when Hyundai officially takes the covers off the new Hyundai FCEV. This model will be coming in as Hyundai newest eco-friendy model family. So far, the fans seem to be a little put off by the design of the vehicle with many saying that the design feels mismatched. What do you think?

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