Next-Gen Ford Mustang Achieves What Porsche 918 Couldn’t

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If you are a big fan of hybrid vehicles then you will be happy to hear that the next generation Ford Mustang is going to arrive in hybrid form by 2020.

There are many people waiting for the arrival of a hybrid sports car that shouldn’t suck. People want a vehicle that is able to offer power and get the adrenaline rushing along with having good looks and the Ford Mustang could be that vehicle.

We do know that this would be possible as you only have to look as vehicles such as the Porsche 918. However the issue with that is they are out of the price tag of many people. People want a vehicle that can offer up good electric performance and which has great looks for about the $30,000 price mark. The Ford Mustang could be the hybrid vehicle that people have been waiting for.

When the Ford Mustang came to the market during the early 60s it was a fun vehicle to drive along with being sporty and it is in an affordable price bracket. If a hybrid Mustang was launched it would be a great move as enthusiasts would be more likely to welcome a hybrid sports car with the Mustang name.

Ford made the announcement of the hybrid Ford Mustang yesterday and they said that it would offer up a V8 engine but they didn’t say anything about the power. what Ford does want is for the vehicle to stir excitement and if there is any hybrid that can do that then surely it must be the Mustang.

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