Next-gen Chevy Silverado Won’t Depend Only On Aluminium To Shed Weight

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Future Chevrolet Silverado will be shedding off a few more pounds thanks to the use of lighter material this time. Besides aluminium, it has been reported that the Chevrolet Silverado might also come with carbon fiber parts as well.

This is a nice surprise since most trucks will choose to only use aluminium instead of carbon fiber. Although carbon fiber is lighter and stronger, it is not as cost efficient especially when it comes to larger vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado
As exciting as that is, don’t get too excited just yet as it is believe that the aluminium and carbon fiber model will most likely only arrive a few years later.
Even then, we might only see it on higher-end models since it will be more costly to build them.

If the carbon fiber model does arrive, it should be able to give the aluminum Ford F-150 a run for its money.

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