Next-Gen 2018 Honda Civic Type-R Has More Fun Without Manual!

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There is a rumour going around that the next generation Honda Civic Type-R could come with optional CVT. But is anyone really interested? Perhaps it would offer up more fun if it didn’t have manual but then many people choose to go with manual.

There are a few people who don’t want to have to use the shift themselves and they would love it if the Honda Civic Type-R came with CVT and not the dual clutch paddle shifter automatic.

One reason why CVT may go down well on the Honda Civic Type-R is due to the fact that CVT is one of the fastest ways around the race track. But you might wonder about the fuel economy. Well this is actually another good thing when it comes to CVT as it can lower the gearing drastically, while the transmission will spin the engine immediately for power and boost if you need to pass a car. It’s similar to shifting the Corvette from 7th to 3rd gear manually but much better.

Of course it’s not all good with the CVT and one of the biggest let downs is the drone exhaust note, we say this as it doesn’t rise or fall with speed. But what do you think; will the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R have more fun without the manual gearing?

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