Next Ford F-150 Could Re-Introduce Smaller V8

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There has been some news about the new Ford F-150 and what it might offer and one of the things is a smaller V8 engine.

Ford is working on a new labor contract with the Canadian UAW and it comes with details about production plans in the future. The contract includes the production of the V8 4.9 litre engine and it has been said that this engine is going to be used in the upcoming Ford F-150.

Ford hasn’t given official confirmation about the line-up of engines in the new Ford F-150, however we have learned some things from the report from Reuters. They told us about the contract with the Canadian UAW and financial investments for some of the Ford engine plants over in Canada.

Some of the investments are going to be used towards upgrading the engine that is currently seen in the Ford F-150 and money will be used to develop a bigger engine for the Super Duty vehicles. The current plans for production reach an end in 2020.

They also said that the new V8 4.8 litre engine is going to be used in the Ford F-150, so we are expecting to see it in 2020 or 2021. Other than this we have no idea what to expect from the new F150.

The V8 4.8 litre engine would give the Ford F-150 better fuel economy along with more power. The 5 litre engine V8 engine out now offers 385 horses and Ford will be going for 400 horses with the new engine.

But what do you think about a smaller engine in the future Ford F-150?

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