Next Dragon Age Game Getting Hold Back By Anthem

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Fans were surprised when Bioware announced that they will be releasing a new game called Anthem. Not only have the fans not heard of any news about the upcoming Dragon Age game, Anthem is also unlike most of the games that Bioware has been offering.

Anthem will be coming in as an online multiplayer game and with how Mass Eddect Andromeda turns out, it is important that Bioware get this game right but as with all the multiplayer online game out there, the developer will need to constantly make sure there are new content and updates for the fans.

That is why the fans are worried that the new game would take away Bioware attention for games like Dragon Age. However, Bioware has reassured fans that when they do work on a Dragon Age game, it will be based on what a Dragon Age game will be. They also added that Anthem will be apart from the other franchises and it will not affect the other games that Bioware is working on.

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