Newest Fallout 4 DLC: Lunar Adventure, H2-Whoah! & More Predictions

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We’ve mentioned earlier that Bethesda has confirmed the release of Fallout 4’s DLCs throughout 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited. Though it’s only the beginning of the year, there have already been some big rumours about what possible DLC content would be released to the anticipated fans. These are some that have caught our interest.

1. Underwater Vaults

Of course this would be most likely, considering the fact that many fans have expressed interest in exploring the more mysterious underwater world apart from the usual Boston Wasteland’s cities. Apparently, the ocean floor was designed with some very distinctive flora, pipelines, and it might just be the key to enter an underwater vault.

2. The Moon

Well, it’s not surprising for the Sole Survivor to land on the moon, and the fact that the moon-based Sea of Tranquility Conflict between US and China mentioned in Fallout 4 may just give us the slightest bit of hope that it may be a DLC too. Exploring the moon would be pretty fascinating since it’s something unfamiliar, hence, refreshing for the gamers.

3. Maine

Or it could be offering players a chance to explore the rural backwaters of the forested northern end of the New England region. It could serve as a hideaway place since its abundance of lakes could enable it to be free from nuclear blasts. Just something about this place makes us feel as though it’s pretty serene and tranquil.

The list is definitely not exhaustive; there are so many more plausible DLC contents out there for us to discover through forums and whatnot. While we scavenge for more, let us know in the comments below which of these 3 rumours seem to be the one you’re looking forward to the most.

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