New World Release Date Pushed Back As Well

A few games are getting pushed back due to the pandemic that is going on right now and another game that will be added to that list will be New World, the new MMO game by Amazon.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of automakers had to scale back development due to social distancing and because of this,w the upcoming game, New World by Amazon Games will have to be pushed back to August this year.

The game was originally set to be released in May when it was revealed at The Game Awards last year but with development on the game being scaled back, the developer had no choice but to also push the date back a few months.

New World will be coming in as an open-world game that is set in Aeternum. Players will be able to explore the mystery of this new world and try and find out what happen to the previous inhabitants. The new date has been set for the 25th of August 2020.