New Toyota Supra With 400hp Almost Here, US Side In The Dark

It looks like Toyota might be working on a faster version of the Toyota Supra but what is the US side of the company in the dark about the matter.

According to Best Car Web, Toyota will be releasing a GRMN badge version of the Toyota Supra and that we will be seeing it very soon. It was added that the vehicle will be coming in with 395hp to offer.

When asked if that is true, Toyota North America said that this news might be just speculations and that they are not aware of whether something like that is coming or not. Of course, this could just be something that Toyota is thinking about but have not made a decision yet.

The standard Supra can only offer 335hp so to have one that will have so much more to offer would appeal a lot to the fans but we will have to wait and see if anything comes out from this.