New Tomb Raider Game Coming, Square Enix Keeping Their Lips Tight

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In an event of a crash, most people would want to be reassured that their seat would actually stay in place and hold them in place so that they don’t get injured. Well, that might not happen for some Ford Explorer and Ford F-150 as Ford reveals a new issue with the front seat.

Ford issues a recall to recall 200,000 units of Ford Explorer and Ford F-150 after it was reported that the bolt in the front power-adjustable seat might come loose. If that happens, the cushion might come off in a crash causing more damage to the passenger.

Those affected by the recall will need to bring their Ford Explorer and Ford F-150 in for an inspection. If it is determined that the bolt is not fine for long-term use, Ford will replace it. This is, however, a temporary solution only as Ford is still working on a more permanent fix for the vehicles.

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