New Titanfall Game Confirmed, Officially Part Of EA Now

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Although EA has been publishing the Titanfall games in the past, the game was never owned by EA, Respawn still owned the game but that will change with the next game as EA announced that they have acquired both Respawn and their Titanfall IP.

Not only did they confirm the purchase but EA also announced that they are working on a new Titalfall game as well but that is not the only game that Respawn is working on right now.

Besides Titanfall, we know that Respawn was also working on the third-person Star Wars title and another new VR game. Based on the letter on Respawn’s website, nothing will change much with Titanfall and Star Wars as they assured fans that EA won’t interfere with their game making process.

You can also head to Respawn’s website to read the full letter from Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella as he explains their decision to sell the company to EA and what the future holds for them.

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