New Tesla Model S Feature To Lure Model 3 Buyers

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Sit inside the new Tesla Model S and you can now see a great deal more than you did before. This is down to the fact that Tesla have come up with a glass roof option which was thought to be an exclusive on the Tesla Model 3. With the Model 3 taking its time coming to the market, the feature could be enough to draw people away.

It was only last week when Tesla along with SolarCity spoke out about the new Solar Roof. They said that it would be used on homes and also vehicles. Now they have revealed the Tesla Model S sedan with the new roof option and it looks superb.

If you want the all glass roof on the Tesla Model S you are going to have to pay out an additional $1,500 and for this you get a clear view of the sky above you and it makes the cabin look open and expansive, allowing in plenty of light. The new roof removed the centre crossbar that is on the vehicle with the panoramic sunroof in place.

The glass roof removed 98% of UV rays along with 81% of heat, so you are not going to boil when the sun is beating down on the roof. The glass roof of course replaces the panoramic sunroof, so if you want the roof rack and satellite radio you are going to have to make do with the panoramic sunroof instead of the glass roof, for $2,000.

But what are your thoughts on the all glass roof option for the Tesla Model S?

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