New Tablet Buyers Prefer Android Over iPad [SURVEY]

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A new series of statistics from IDG Connect shows a large majority of professionals worldwide are leaning towards Android for future tablet purchases rather than Apple. The poll looked at 3,124 answers. 71% of those surveyed own a tablet, and 51% of these tablets are iPads.

Survey finds more new tablet buyers want Android than iPad

TabTimes discusses further stats that IDG Connect released regarding first-time tablet buyers, “44% of these folk will go for an Android tablet, with just 27% choosing an iPad. Another 3% are holding out for the first Windows 8 tablets, expected from November, while 21% don’t yet know what tablet they will buy.”

This is a stark contrast to the US, who seem largely uninterested in Android tabs, with IDG stating in their report, “Apple’s grip on the psychology of US consumers is famously strong.” Although TabTimes said in their report that it was mainly developing countries showing an interest in Android, it is actually the European market that shows the highest levels of interest: of those respondents looking to buy a tablet within 12 months, 49% are planning on an Android purchase as opposed to 23% for iPad.

Another interesting part of the report speaks about the use of tablets for work purposes. 64% of iPad owners are using their tablet for work every single day, 58% of Android tablet owners, and a massive 91% of RIM’s PlayBook tablet (which is actually focused on enterprise). These figures are very high, especially considering that of the former 2, not all the consumers will have reached working age yet, which may account for the dramatic difference between those and the PlayBook which is more focused on businesspeople.

If you have IDG Connect you can see the report yourself, which also indicated that despite all these claims of Android leading the pack, people are expecting Apple to be marginally more likely to hold the market share in 2012, of 48% to Android’s 47%, as predicted by respondents.

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