New Subaru Concept Crossover EV In The Works With Toyota

All eyes were on Subaru and their sustainability goals but what Subaru also showed off this week is the new concept of their upcoming battery-electric crossover. Luckily, there is a video on YouTube that will give us all a walkaround look at the vehicle.

From what we can see, the new concept is Subaru’s attempt at a crossover EV model that they will be working with Toyota. The EV will be riding on a flexible platform that will be able to accommodate a few production models from both brands.

The EV seems to have borrowed its design from Cadillac, Pontiac and also Tesla with the narrow LED headlights in the front, squared-off corners, deep fog light scoops and more. On the side is heavy black cladding that is similar to what we have already seen on Cybertruck.

The final concept looks a bit messy with a little bit of everything but it feels like it is far from complete. Subaru also added that they will be offering an electric powertrain by 2030.