New Spider-Man Game More Mundane Than We Think?

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We have already seen a few trailers from the upcoming Spider-Man game and from what we were given, it looked like the new Spider-Man game is going to be jam-packed with actions but according to the developer, it is not all that.

The developer added that they will also explore the more mundane side of being a superhero and that includes actually being just a normal person. We will get to play as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in the game. In fact, the first two hours will focus on that.

This is very different from what we assume the Spider-Man game will be but we are not completely against the idea as well. While it is nice to get going right from the start, there is a certain charm to taking things slowly as we get to bond with the character more first before things get crazy.

Other reported that it might take some time to actually get used to the whole swinging and travelling with the web business but if you got that down, the game seems to be pretty interesting. The game will be arriving on the 7th of September.

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