New Overwatch Skin For Winter Wonderland Revealed!

Blizzard is getting ready for the holidays with its annual Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch. Not only did they announce when the event will be starting but they have also revealed one of the new cosmetics that players will be able to get this year.

In the new teaser, ew got a short clip of “Rime Sigma” a new skin that will give the character a frosty makeover but that was all the details they were willing to part with at this time. The last Winter Wonderland had an asymmetric multiplayer boss brawl called Mei’s Yeti Hunt and Mei’s Snowball Offensive Brawl so we are expecting something similar this year.

It was also added that Winter Wonderland 2019 will be starting on the 10th of December and will go on until the 2nd of January. The event will come with the 1.43 update which will also come with a few balance updates for the game.