New Motorola RAZR Here To Milk It Until It Dies

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The name RAZR does bring forward some good memory and Motorola is probably hoping that it would ultimately grab the attention of the consumer once more. It was announced that Motorola was going to release another RAZR device and that the device was going to come fitted with a foldable screen.

Motorola also added that they will be more innovative when it comes to their design in the near future thanks to all the new technology. That is one thing that has been missing these few years. Smartphone manufacturers are playing it too safe and we don’t often get devices that look different than the rest.

Of course, we still do not know how the Motorola device will look like but it is nice to know that they are trying to step out of the box. Of course, Motorola is not the only one that has been teasing about their foldable device. LG and Samsung did also mention that they are working on one.

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