New Land Rover Discovery Model Up For Discussion

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While Land Rover did throw out the idea that there might be a seven seater Range Rover in the future, they also shine a little light on what we might actually see from them in the future.

According to Gerry McGovern, the Design Director of Land Rover, they might be looking to expand the Discovery family saying that family should be more than 2 and since there is only 2 Discovery now, does that mean we will be seeing more soon?

He did not reveal what Land Rover is planning but he did say there is a lot to consider if they want to add any new additions. McGovern also reveals later that he thinks Land Rover could use more car-like vehicles leading some people to believe that the new Discovery addition might be more car-like.

As of now, nothing has been decided yet but we are liking where Land Rover is heading towards.