New Lamborghini Model Comes To Light This Week

We should expect to see more models getting reveal now that things have started to slow down when it comes to the pandemic and one of the automakers that are ready to show off their new model as they just revealed a new mysterious model on their Twitter page.

The teaser was followed up by them announcing that they will be unveiling the vehicle on their social media channel on the 8th of July. They did not reveal much of what they will be showing off but added that it would be nothing that the world has seen so far.

There were some speculations that it could be the Sian FKP 37 that Lamborghini showed off back in 2019 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The concept was fitted with a hybrid powertrain that was fitted with a V12 electric system that will be offering about 819hp.

The event will be live stream on their official site for all to see.