Say Hello To The New iPod Touch & Nano!

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Well that was quick! We already were expecting to see the iPhone 5 revealed today at the Apple event in Yerba Center but a new iPod touch and iPod nano has caught us off guard.

New iPod touch & nano press releases already pop up on

Now we all know that the moment the Apple event is over, the new iPhone 5 and whatever else Apple reveals will be published on their official website However we wouldn’t expect Apple to only begin uploading the details online after the event. Instead it would already be up there but not readily published.

So how do you find it then? Simple, the search box. If you go to the official Apple website and search for the new Apple iPod touch or nano, they appear in the search results along with a preview of the specs. Unfortunately we can’t click on it and see the actual press release so all we know at the moment is that there is a new iPod touch coming today with a Retina Display, FaceTime and HD recording.

As for the new iPod nano no more details than its existence have been provided by And yes, there is also the iPhone 5 that has been revealed by another press release on the Apple website, but we didn’t need any reassurance of its existence now did we.

iPod search results from Apple website

iPod search results from Apple website

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