New iPod Nano, Touch & Shuffle Hit Amazon

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Everyone is talking about the new iPhone 5 at the moment despite the fact that Apple has also released new fresh iPods last week. Apple had the devices for pre-order on their website and now it appears that you can begin to place orders on Amazon too.

New iPod Nano, Touch & Shuffle hits Amazon for pre-order

On the downside if you want to get your hands on one of the new iPod Touch devices you can expect to wait for around 3.5 weeks for them to be shipped. The Nano on the other hand comes with a 2 to 5 weeks waiting list as does the Shuffle.

The price for the devices on Amazon is the same as you can get them on Apple’s website. However, the wait may not be as long with Amazon as it might be with Apple, thanks to them being well known for their shipping options.

Anyone planning on ordering an iPod shuffle or Touch? Or were your eyes on the iPhone 5 only? The iPhone 5 of course had record pre-orders and its shipping times have also been pushed back by a couple of weeks.

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