iPhone 5 Not Alone, New iPod Nano & Shuffle Debut On 12 September Too [RUMOR]

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The Apple event may not be just about the new iPhone 5, it could also bring a refreshed lineup of iPods courtesy of the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle.

New iPod nano & iPad Shuffle may join iPhone 5 launch

BGR quotes 9to5mac for saying that Apple may reveal new iPods when they hold their event to launch the iPhone 5 on the 12TH of September.

This may not be so surprising to some people as Apple typically launch their new iPods coming up to the end of the summer. Japanese blog Macotara says that the new iPod Nano could come with a longer design, which would be similar to that of the 5th generation iPod Nano and it will have a touchscreen, iOS home button and Wi-Fi support.

At the moment we don’t know what may be in store for the iPod family but if these rumors hold true, then let’s hope it is that “one more thing” Apple always has for fans at their major events.

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