New iPhone 5 Unveiled, Redesigned From Ground Up & Melds Function Further Into Form [PARODY]

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With (probably) less than a month to go before the big reveal of the iPhone 5, we’ve had a leak. There’s been an eleventh-hour rethink that had the gurus at Cupertino scurrying back to their drawing boards to redesign the whole shebang. The reason for the redesign – customers use their iPhones solely to take pictures of food. Apparently, this makes them seem as if they actually have lives, or something.

iPhone 5 “the camera”

In view of this, Apple has decided to meld function further into form and turn the iPhone 5 into a camera.

At least, this is what Greg Mansfield, the faux-VP of iPhone product design says in a mordant parody that’s doing the rounds on YouTube (clip below). Here’s a couple of snippets.

[People are] sad and alone so they use pictures of food to create the illusion of a fulfilling life…. Siri’s on there too. She can recognize the food you photograph and suggest fun captions that’ll imply a life worth living…. The iPhone 5 is a game-changer. Its photos are sure to garner all the likes, hearts, plusses, pins, stars, reposts, reblogs, retumbles, and retweets that you’ve used to replace human connection in your life.

I’ve been using the iPhone 5 for a few months now and it’s already turned my life into a seemingly enjoyable lie. Last weekend I was having brunch with my girlfriend, but we had nothing to talk about, so I took out my iPhone 5, I snapped a pic of my eggs Benedict, connected my iPhone 5 to my MacBook, found a Wi-Fi hot spot, uploaded that photo onto Facebook, and within minutes I had friends telling me how much fun I was having. And you know, for one brief moment — I almost believed it myself.

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