New iPad 3 Set For Mid-Life Upgrade This Summer, Thinner & Longer Lasting?

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According to AppleDaily, a Chinese newspaper, there may well be a new iPad before the end of the summer. This might not be the 7-inch iPad we’ve all been hoping and waiting for, but if a new iPad does come out, it’ll stir up the tablet market for sure.

New iPad 3 may get an update this summer

This new iPad is believed to have a thinner design, a better screen and a better battery. This new screen is believed to feature IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panel tech, and this will allow for these various changes. Apple Daily also seems to think that Apple will replace Samsung with Sharp as its screen makers.

This rumor might not be all that believable, as the latest iPad only came out a few months ago. However, if this new iPad update is on its way, it’ll most likely be introduced with the new iPhone 5 or the smaller iPad sometime between August and October. These are just rumors, though, so before you hear it straight from the Cupertino horse’s mouth, save your pennies!

What do you make of a new iPad being released before the end of the year? Would you buy it or just stay with your present iPad? Let us know.

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