New iPad ‘3’ Battery Tips: Squeeze More Juice Out Of Your iPad

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The New iPad ‘3’ is without a doubt the best tablet on the market right now. With a powerful GPU, quad-core processing, Retina Display and LTE though, it sucks more juice than its predecessor. This is evident in real-world tests which show the New iPad 3 die out at around 5 hours while the iPad 2 chugs on to over 7 hours. If you find that the New iPad 3 doesn’t last as long as you hoped, here are some battery tips that should squeeze a little extra life out of your Apple tablet.

New iPad 3 battery tips

Screen brightness: Double click the home button and scroll all the way to the left to adjust the brightness. The lower, the less your battery consumption.

Disable location services: Go to Settings >> Location Services and disable this for the apps which you don’t think are necessary to run it.

Disable LTE: LTE is one of the biggest battery draws on your tablet right next to the screen. So if you’re not using it make sure to disable it.

Overcharge your iPad: While it may say 100 percent, just like many other tablets and smartphones it is still able to charge further. The New iPad for one is said to have only reached 90 percent when the indicator tells you 100 percent.

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