New iMac Unveiled: 80 Percent Slimmer! (Specs, Price & More)

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While we are waiting for the iPad Mini to be unveiled at the Apple event, it looks like the Cupertino based company has host of other Apple products to unveil!

New 2012 iMac specs and features revealed!

So far Tim Cook and Phil Schiller have shown us the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and now the new iMac. Now what’s truly shocking about new iMac is that it is a whopping 80 percent thinner than its predecessor. We’re talking about the edge being just 5mm thin.

This thinness is accomplished with friction stir welding. The screen is also fully laminated.  This also makes text and graphics look like they’re sitting right on top of the glass. This also means 75 percent less reflection than the previous model.

For options you have two sizes, 27 inch and 21.5 inches. In side there is up to 3TB of storage, and Core i5 or i7 options. Other goodies include a FaceTime HD camera and stereo sound that;s way better than the previous generation.

Storage is another interesting point. Customers can apparently choose what they want, a hard drive for storage, or an SSD for speed. But they even have a new option. It’s called the Apple Fusion Drive.

Schiller is still on stage talking about the iMac so more information as it comes, especially about that Apple Fusion Drive.

Price: The new iMac ranges from $1,299 and $1,799. It ships starting November.

New iMac

New iMac

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