New Honda Accord Could Take The Honda Acura SH-AWD

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The latest version of the Honda Accord has seen some issues when it comes to sales as there has been a big dip in the figure during the past few months. Analysts have been putting the blame on the Honda Civic which has moved into the territory of the Accord.

The analysts revealed that the Honda Civic is just an inch different in size to the Honda Accord and it offers up a price tag that is cheaper. The Honda Civic is also lighter than that of the Accord. The turbocharged 1.5 litre engine offers up superb fuel economy and plenty of power.

It does make a great deal of sense for people to choose the Honda Civic instead of the Honda Accord, more so as the latter isn’t all that pleasing to look at. Honda realize this and they are going to do something about it with the next Accord offered.

At the moment the details are not all that clear but we did hear rumors going about that the new Honda Accord might come with the SH-AWD drivetrain, which is going to come from the luxury arm of Honda. The engine is going to ensure that the Honda Accord is going to appeal by offering a driving experience that is great, but is this something that is going to happen?

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