New GTA 5 Trailer Not Scottish After All, Sandy Ruined Plans

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It has now been a couple of days since Rockstar confirmed the release window for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5, yet there have been more clues left from the official comments, which relate to the lack of PC details.

Second GTA 5 trailer delayed due to Hurricane Sandy

Pre-orders have shown us detailed images and locations for the GTA 5 game. Very soon details will be revealed in an exclusive magazine; however it seems that those in the know have loose lips in regards to some of the finer details of the game.

It is clear that Rockstar North developed the game. However they may have been given help by the team in the US. An official comment has been left on the blog of Rockstar, and we know that the trailer 2 for GTA 5 is coming soon, however it is not Rockstar North that are behind it points out Product-Reviews. So they are behind the development of the game, but not the trailer.

Rockstar North of course is located in Scotland, this happens to be many hundreds of miles away from the hurricane Sandy, which hit the US. However one comment on the blog says that the trailer 2 has seen delays due to the hurricane. The comment says that the trailer will be delayed as there is no power in the offices in New York. Quite obviously the second GTA 5 trailer that everyone is waiting to see is not made by Rockstar North in Scotland after all.

Retailers have leaked images for the pre-order bonus and these doe offer an insight into some of the locations and they do give away clues. Are you waiting for the trailer, and if so what are your expectations of it?

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