New GTA 5 Trailer Analyzed: What We Now Know

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The trailer 2 for GTA 5 has been released finally and it was well worth the wait. All die-hard fans will love the video!

Rockstar are known to pack their trailers full of action and the GTA 5 trailer is the perfect way for fans to get a chance to see the hidden extras that may be in the game.

New GTA 5 trailer reveals more details

The footage shows us three of the new characters in the game, who are Michael, Franklin and Trevor. The video shows us an insight into their lives. Michael happens to be the lucky one who is living the life of luxury yet has numerous family issues. Frankin is the repo man who is a hired muscle for “collection” purporses, and Trevor has the short end of the stick as he is the low life with a violent temper.

As you might have come to expect the graphics of the game are nothing short of amazing, one of the best moment’s graphic wise being when Trevor jumps from the vehicle while up in the air and then descends on parachute into Los Santos. This provides users with a glimpse of just how large the scale of the game really is. Bear in mind that Rockstar said that the game was bigger than all of GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas combined together.

The GTA 5 video also shows Franklin racing on a Sanchez motorbike and it appears that the races will be one of the mini games you can play when you are not taking part in a mission. Golf games and tennis are others that have been confirmed.

The GTA 5 trailer brings more excitement than there has been about any other game released. While there has been talk of Black Ops 2 breaking sales records in 24 hours, imagine what will happen then Grand Theft Auto 5 is released in spring of 2013.

So while you are waiting for the game check out the awesome trailer 2 for GTA 5 below.

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