New GTA 5 Gameplay Details Hint Body Jumping In Story Mode

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There is not much longer to wait now until the official reveal of GTA 5, which will be on the front cover of Game Informer, due to go live on 8th November reportedly. However new details about the anticipated game have been leaked and there is now “confirmation” that players should be able to jump characters in story mode, letting them take on the role of more than one character.

GTA 5 story mode gameplay won’t be so linear anymore

Game Informer will be very much in demand this month and one user has said that they have seen the feature already and has not wasted much time in making the content be known to others online. There has been mention of Albert de Silva being the lead character in the game.

We heard this name in March, when alleged details of the upcoming GTA 5 slipped out. However many people said it was fake, yet here we hear the name mentioned again. Could this mean that the details which came from an ex-employee at Rockstar were right?

Other details suggest that players will be able to take on the persona of another character, who goes by the name of Dougie Vejo. He is thought to be a criminal in Los Santos. We have heard that the De Silva character is half American and half Puerto Rican, with a wife and 2 children.

It is rumoured that he is grieving over lost money due to a scam and the story should be about him getting back the money. There has also been hints that one of two characters from the GTA 4 game coming back.

All of this is very exciting as the release date for the magazine reveal draws closer.


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