New Google VR Headset Looks Uncomfortable

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We suggest you to check out the Google Store and the first thing you’ll notice whilst scrolling down is the VR Cardboard that’s amusingly uncomfortable to look at. (Alternatively, check the image above). The OCD in you would probably thank you for this OCD viewing pleasure, but other than that, it’s quite a pain in the neck if you have to look at it for more than 3 seconds. That, we assure you.

The VR gears that are being laid out on the display in precise measurements comprises these three: the Google Cardboard, Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, and the Goggle Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer. If there’s only the Cardboard that was present there, it’s probably going to be less of a pain for the eyes; but unfortunately, it’s not.

But then again, we’ve got to agree to disagree on the fact that Google decided to not include a headstrap on the viewer when using the Cardboard. That’s because there’s a tendency for the viewer’s head rotation speed to surpass their original limit; causing “VR sickness”. This wouldn’t have happened if they are just holding it with their bare hands.

So which of the three had made you uncomfortable when upon checking out that image on their Store’s webpage? We hope you haven’t gotten nauseous about it.

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