New Cadillac Lyriq Teased As GM Reveals New Platform

General Motors has made it pretty clear that they are working on building a few more EVs for the near future and this week, they announced the new Cadillac Lyriq, a new EV crossover.

So far, all we have is the new teaser from the automaker as GM is not ready to give out any details other than the name at this point. Based on what we can see, the vehicle will be fitted with a fully enclose grille with an illuminated crest logo along with a new teaser image.

Some people also spotted the rakish windscreen and sloping roof along with a prominent looking spoiler in the back but the rest of the details were hidden in the shadows. Check out the new teaser video below.

Besides announcing the new Lyriq for Cadillac, GM also announces that the Chevrolet Bolt will also be getting a new version which will be arriving later this year.