New Bugatti Chiron R With Updated Aerodynamics Coming?

Bugatti has not announced anything yet but new rumors are now suggesting that Bugatti could be working on updating their Bugatti Chiron R with better aerodynamics and that the updated model will be shown off at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

According to TheSupercarBlog, this is the model that Bugatti has been teasing last month and that the vehicle will come with huge fixed wings in the back that will help improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It could also be fitted with an updated suspension that will make it more agile.

Because of the wing, the updated model might not get the 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine that has an output of 1577hp. Of course, at this point, we do not know how accurate the story really is and Bugatti has not confirmed or denied anything yet.

Luckily, the wait would not be too long as the show will be starting on the 3rd of March.