New BMW X7 Comes Out Of Hiding At Last

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The BMW X7 has finally been seen at last, even though it was covered up heavily in disguise. Even with the disguise we can see that the vehicle is going to be huge.

The camouflage managed to do a good job of hiding the BMW X7 but we could make out the headlights along with the taillights and notice that they are just temporary.

The BMW X7 is going to be the SUV equivalent of the 7 Series and it is going to be produced at the factory in Spartanburg in the US and will have the CLAR platform. It will be able to hold up to seven and we are expecting the cabin to be lavish. There are also plans for a four seated version that will be even more luxurious. It is thought that the vehicle is going to come with a price tag that will be similar to that of the BMW 7-Series and the ultra-luxurious version will come with an even higher price tag.

The BMW X7 with three rows is going to come out some time during 2018 and it will be on sale in the US and take on the Ranger Rover and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, while the four seated version will come shortly after.

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