New BMW M5 Could Be Perfect For Rear-Wheel Drive Fans

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The BMW M5 is a vehicle that is very popular and many people love the all-wheel drive system. However there are some people who had hoped that the carmaker would offer up the vehicle in rear-wheel drive. Well this is their lucky day as it seems that BMW agreed with them and the new vehicle is going to be offered in RWD.

The CEO of the M division at BMW said that the upcoming BMW M5 is going to be all-wheel drive the same as the last vehicle, however, there is a button that can be pressed and this is going to turn it into rear-wheel drive.

The BMW M5 with rear-wheel drive means that drivers can drift, but then we don’t see many people purchasing the vehicle solely to drift.

But what are your thoughts on the new BMW M5 with rear-wheel drive?

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