New Black Ops 2 COD Surprise Trailer: Round 2!

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It was less than 24 hours ago that the trailer for the new Black Ops 2 COD had been seen online with the title, “Surprise”. However what is strange is that YouTube seem to have classed it as spam and have taken it off!

New Black Ops 2 COD trailer removed (update: it’s back)

When you try to play the new Black Ops 2 COD trailer it says that the video has been removed as a violation of the policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.

The video was posted on the official game site and we have contacted them to find out why the trailer has been removed. We hope to get the video link again shortly!

Update: It seems that the mess has been sorted out and the video is now up and running so check it out below! The Surprise Black Ops 2 COD trailer has been directed by Guy Ritchie and it allows gamers a look at the near future weapons from Black Ops2! Well enough chatter, check it out below!

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