New Audi E-Tron Side Mirror Costly & Harder To Maintain?

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Automakers have been trying to make the virtual side mirror feature work for years now as we have been seeing a lot of them at shows on the concepts and prototype and Audi is now bringing it out into the real world with their Audi E-Tron.

Instead of having the normal side mirrors on the side, the crossover will now be fitted with a 7inch OLED monitors mounted inside the doors above the door handles. These display screens will be connected to the rear-view camera and will allow different angles and views including highways, parking, and street corners.

As nice as that sound, making such a huge change is not going to be easy. Obviously, people will need time to adapt to the new viewing angle. Some consumers also added that the system will mean one more thing to main as the lens of the camera tend to get dirty very fast and they would have to check on it all the time.

Other people are also worried about the cost of replacement it if they were to damage it. Replacement a side mirror is cheap and easy but this will most likely cost more.

What do you think of Audi’s decision to replace the side mirrors?

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