NBA 2K17 Doesn’t Slump Like FIFA, NHL 17

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While sports games have been popular for a long time it now seems as though there is a slump as we have seen generated incomes drop around 23% during the last quarter in comparison to the same period the year before. Among the titles that haven’t been doing so well includes FIFA and NHL 17, however NBA 2K17 has been doing better.

For software it has been a tough year compared to last September. We have seen many new releases, such as Forza Horizon 3, FIFA 17, NHL 17 and NBA 2K17. Most of these titles haven’t been able to do as well as the versions that came out in 2016.

While most have dropped in sales, NBA 2K17 has been doing well. In fact it outperformed NBA 2K16 in September, while NHL 17 and FIFA 17 went down compared to last year.

Games that are top of the list for 2016 include NBA 2K17, which took the top spot, followed by Madden NFL 17, FIFA 17 and NHL 17.

But why do you think sales of sporting games have dropped this year compared to last? Is it due to the games not being as good as the predecessor or is there some other reason?