NBA 2K16 Locker Code Buffet For All

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2K does offer up locker codes for the NBA 2K16 game but generally if you want to get hold of the codes you have to be pretty quick off the mark. Now though there is a better way for you to get your hands on codes and these are codes that you can when you want them without having to rush. offer up a guide that tells gamers how they are able to get hold of as many NBA 2K16 locker codes as they want.

Gamers have been enjoying NBA 2K16 locker codes that have given them codes for stars such as Lebron James and Michael Jordan. As these are now old codes they are old and they may or may not work. If you do want to give them a go you can find the codes listed below.

Shaquille O’Neil (GSUM3 ESARX GXD3T S3QJQ FIETU), Micheal Jordan (FZV7P FQ9SU SRNZZ 9AB27 9ZUUT) Lebron James (9BUQS QTKDU ASYJU 3W183 QVXBC).

Another way of getting hold of locker codes for NBA 2K16 is to check them out on the Twitter page for the game.