NBA 2K16 Locker Code Buffet: Eat All You Can

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2K does release NBA 2K16 locker codes but gamers have to be fast off the mark if they want to get them. There is however a better and much easier way to get your hands on locker codes and this way you can get them whenever you want.

There is a guide posted on and this shows gamers how they can get unlimited codes and for anyone who cannot live without using codes on NBA 2K16 you might want to check them out.

2K has given out locker codes to gamers in the past and this has given them stars including Lebron James and Michael Jordan, among others. Of course there is nothing to say that these codes are still going to work, but you can find them below.

Shaquille O’Neil (GSUM3 ESARX GXD3T S3QJQ FIETU), Micheal Jordan (FZV7P FQ9SU SRNZZ 9AB27 9ZUUT) Lebron James (9BUQS QTKDU ASYJU 3W183 QVXBC).

Along with the above locked codes you should keep an eye on the Twitter page of NBA 2K16 as this is also where codes are posted.