MWC: iPhone 7 & Apple Watch 2 Already Here, You Just Got To Squint

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Nope, it ain’t the real deal (yet).

We’re talking about some seriously awesome copying done by Chinese smartphone manufacturers that would almost make you squeal at first glance, because it really, really looks as though it’s the real deal. Shenzhen manufacturers are technically experts in copying everyone, and even at each other. If you’ve been wondering forever on whether to get the iPhone or the Samsung device, look at the picture above as it’s bound to solve all your worries.

That’s because apparently, it’s a Chinese-made phone of an iPhone 4S clone, but powered by an Android software. Yay or nay? We can’t really decide though, but we’ll give points for having the ability to fully mimic everything there is to be mimicked. That still counts as something, isn’t it? And let’s not forget about the fact that they’ve been doing this for years.

Looks like the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 may be here real soon, we just got to widen our eyes into the overcrowded copying segment of the market. And until we finally have the details that’s coming up in less than a week, we’ll keep you posted for any updates regarding the much-anticipated original Apple iPhone.

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