MWC 2013: HTC May Announce “iPhone 6” Before Apple Can

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Both Samsung and HTC failed to release their next generation handsets at CES this year. Now we have to wait for MWC which takes place next month to find out if the devices will be released here. It is hoped that this will be the place where the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the HTC M7 will be teased.

HTC M7 or iPhone 6?

However on saying this it could be that we will not have to wait for the event in February before we get to see the HTC M7. UnwiredView have said that they have seen a screen grab which is a tutorial video that teaches users of the HTC M7 how to insert their SIM card.

We should point out the obvious before saying anything else. This screengrab does look like an Apple iPhone 5 and as such it is what we thought the Apple iPhone 6 should look like, as opposed to the HTC M7. Now that we have pointed out that it looks like an Apple iPhone, we can move on.

The source did say that the HTC M7 will have a display of 1080p that is edge-to-edge, with a size of 4.7 inches. The device may also have a quad core processor of 1.7GHz and an IR blaster. This is about all we know about the device at this moment in time. Check out the screengrab below of the iPhone 6, oops sorry… the HTC M7.



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