Remember Mozilla Seabird? Well Here’s The Real Firefox Phone [PICS]

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Remember the Mozilla Seabird concept phone that had us salivating at the idea that Mozilla (creator of software like Firefox) would create a phone of their own. Well it looks like your wish has come true, sort of.

Mozilla Seabird a concept but Keon & Peak for real

The official Mozilla Hacks blog has announced it by way of company rep Stormy Peters who said that they are set to release their first smartphone running Firefox OS. And it is as orange as an… well orange.

The Mozilla rep explains that it will run on an open standard OS and while anyone can get the phone, it is aimed at developers mainly given that this is a very young platform.

Retailer Geeksphone already has the lowdown on it and have listed both Firefox phones on their website. Called Keon and Peak, they are no Seabird but have decent enough specs.

The Mozilla Keon has a 3.5-inch display while the more powerful Peak boasts a 4.3-inch one. We don’t have a price yet as there are no pre-orders being taken at this time by the Spanish retailer.

Mozilla Keon & Peak coming soon

Mozilla Keon & Peak coming soon

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