Mozilla Firefox Phones: Peak & Keon Now Official & Very Orange

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Can you remember the Mozilla Seabird concept handset that had everyone drooling at the idea that the Firefox creator Mozilla would bring out their own device? If you can and you liked the idea and wished for it to happen, your wishes just might have come true, in a fashion.

Mozilla Firefox phones introduced: Keon & Peak

The official Mozilla Hack blog has announced through their company rep Stormy Peters, that they will be revealing their first handsets running Firefox OS, and they will come in orange.

The rep said that the devices would run the open standard OS and the phones are available to everyone, but it has been designed with developers in mind as the platform is still very young.

Geeksphone have given the low down on the devices and have them listed as being the Peak and Keon. While they are not the Mozilla Seabird by any means, they do come with some specs that are decent.

The Mozilla Firefox Keon is said to have a display of 3.5 inches and the Peak is the more powerful of the two handsets with a display of 4.3 inches. At the moment there is no price and pre-orders for the handsets are not being offered. Check out the first press images of one of them below (we’re not sure which one this is).

First Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone

First Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone

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