Move On From HTC One M10 There Is Nothing To See

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HTC are trying to muscle in on the success that LG and Samsung have been having. The latest handset from them is the HTC One M10 but is it a case of moving on as there isn’t anything to see.

HTC did leak some details along with photos of the HTC One M10 and from these it doesn’t look as though the handset is going offer much and we cannot see anything that makes the device stand out.

HTC also launched a teaser about the HTC One M10 and in it they revealed that the device may come with some of the best cameras on both the back and the front of the handset.

The HTC One M10 camera was said to offer 360 degree view on the back camera and it was going to offer dual OIS. The handset is said to be heading our way on April 19.