Motorola X Phone: Which Carrier Will It Be Headed To?

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As we cross into 2013, we are expecting manufacturers to up the ante again and give us a new breed of smartphones that will leave the current favorites in the dust.

Motorola X Phone: T-Mobile looks hopeful (prediction)

In particular, the top hopefuls of 2013 include the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 6, HTC M7 and Motorola X. While the first three are believed to be upgrades over the current flagships (Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X+ and iPhone 5), the Motorola X is supposedly something completely different and not likely another DROID RAZR.

The ‘X Phone’ will supposedly be the first big Google/Motorola venture into building what will likely be a serious rival to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series. At this time there are speculations that it will feature both a flexible display that will give the rumored Galaxy S4 screen a run for its money, as well as a camera that will leave the iPhone 6 in the shade.

But there is another question that hasn’t been discussed so much. Which carrier will it go to? If it is a Google/Motorola partnership phone then we may see it carry the Nexus branding. And given that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is 3 updates behind right now, as well as the while Verizon Nexus One fiasco we saw a few years ago, the Motorola X phone may avoid that all together.

If anything, I would bet on the Motorola X being a non-CDMA phone which would put it as a T-Mobile or AT&T hopeful. Given that T-Mobile has been “more accomodating” when it comes to updates than AT&T, I’d think the pink carrier has the right stuff.

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus CDMA fiasco Google may not be so inclined to support CDMA only by default. The proprietary technology of the CDMA baseband firmware means that it is not an open communications standard like GSM so the carriers like Verizon are in charge of the radio functions of the phone. Hence why we saw Google avoid it completely with the LG Nexus 4.

What do you reckon folks? Will the Motorola X Phone go down the GSM part and aim itself at T-Mobile and AT&T users, or will it give CDMA a shot again?

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