Motorola X May Beat Google Nexus 5 To Android 5.0

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The Motorola X could turn out to be the first handset to get Key Lime Pie ahead of the Google Nexus 5. MobileNApps recently said that the Motorola device would be a breakthrough when it came to mobiles and that it would change the game. Apple and Samsung would therefore have to do all they could to beat it. There are rumours going around as sources have said that the Motorola X phone would be the first in a line-up of handsets to come with Key Lime Pie.

We haven’t heard many leaks about the Motorola X Phone, however over at DroidForums a source has provided information about it, though this needs to be taken along with a good dose of salt.

This source says that the Motorola X Phone would be offered with a display of 5 inches and it would have a screen that was edge to edge and which was almost bezel free. This should be along the lines of the Motorola Razr M with its edge to edge display. The source went on to say that the handset would have similar looks to the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is thought that the Motorola X phone will not have the Nexus name.

The source says that this is to be the first of the devices from Motorola and it would be available on several carriers and will not be an exclusive. It is thought that the device will have its own brand and that it would be the first device to have Key Lime Pie. Google are thought to be revealing the device at the I/O which will take place on 15th to 17th May. Motorola and Google are said to have been working in the US and this is said to be complimenting the experience of Android and will enhance it. This is very similar to how the Nexus handsets are shipped.

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