Motorola X Likely RAZR MAXX HD 2 With BLUR Lite

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It now sounds like the Project X handset from Motorola may not be a Google Nexus device, as was previously thought. The pair has been working on the handset and details about it have leaked out. It is thought that the device will be coming on 15TH May and it will have Android 5 Key Lime Pie. The name could alter of course, however a source has managed to get their hands on the prototype device.

It seems that Motorola and Google have been working hard to address two issues of concern, the durability of the handset and the battery life. This sounds true when you take the Motorola Droid Razr HD and the Droid Razr HD Maxx into account.

They may be dealing with battery life by installing a larger battery, which could be in the region of 3300mAh, which is found in the Maxx. They could also be considering a Kevlar back for durability and this is something that we have seen on the Razr HD and Maxx. So what would be special here?

Despite the Maxx having a large battery the problem has been software and hardware, which tend to drain the battery. It seems that this may have been addressed as the source said that they went on several road trips on a single charge with the GPS on, this is something that typically kills the battery fairly quickly.

They could have chosen to remain with a display of 4.8 inches, however it looks as though there is a quad core processor, as much as 128GB of storage, support for microSD card and a Sony Exmor RS camera. This would of course be a great improvement over the last camera. The device will have Key Lime Pie and we can’t wait to see what this will bring. It man not be a Nexus device however it could have vanilla Android.

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