Motorola X Phone Wants New Blood

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In 2012 the Wall Street Journal said that Motorola and Google were working on a brand new handset and tablet that had the names of the X Phone and the X tablet. It was said that these would be the first true collaboration between the companies, since Google took over Motorola. It was also said that they had been focusing on bendable displays and superior cameras for their devices.

Motorola X phone team looking for new blood?

A job posting has been seen today which seems to confirm that the two are working on the X Phone. However TheVerge reports that since then this listing has been taken down. The listing laid out the duties of the position which were to oversee a new devices launch and deal with relationships with the carrier in bringing the device to the market.

However an identical listing of the position is still on the job board of Motorola, but there is no mention of the Motorola X Phone name. While confirming that the name has been used for a handset that is under development, the original listing for the job doesn’t give many details as to what to expect from the handset nor what tech it has, and when the device might be coming onto the market.

Google have said many times that any devices to come from Motorola were in the works for some time prior to Google getting involved with them and they are not a collaborative effort. Motorola have never worked alongside Google on a Nexus handset and they have struggled with their handsets for some time now and they could use a flagship device to get them back into the game. So could the Motorola X Phone be that device?

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